Supporting people with learning disabilities.
Second Time Around  is a charitable project managed by Action Point Community Services. The project provides volunteer placements for adults with a learning disability to enable them to develop skills for employment and everyday life. You can help us by donating your unwanted quality items, or by joining our team of friendly volunteers.
About Us
The project has three main aims:-

To  actively encourage and  support the recycling and re-use of unwanted goods.
To provide work based training  opportunities for adults who have a  learning disability.
To raise funds for  charitable projects that support vulnerable people within our local community
What we do
Our team of volunteers collect your donated items from our collection points, or from your home for larger items. We bring them back to our recycling centre for processing.

Our volunteers are then supported to sort through the donated items and prepare the goods for re-sale or  recycling.

The volunteers are  engaged in a number of tasks including:-
- Sorting
- Washing
- Ironing
- Repairing
- Recycling
- Pricing
- Stock rotation
- Customer Services
- Sales
Who benefits?
The volunteers gain skills, confidence and work experience which can help enhance job prospects and increase independence in everyday life.

The income generated through this initiative goes directly to  supporting and developing  services that meet the needs of  people from our local community.

And let's not forget the  benefits to the environment…

We are committed to  re-addressing this balance and with your support we can really make a difference.
Each year it is estimated that over 1 million tons of textiles alone end up in landfil sites.

For more information call: 01535 609502
01535 609506